What readers say


‘Your book Apocalypse is a magnificent masterpiece. Very rarely do we teenagers find books that grab us so much that you literally have to force us to put it down. Mr Bowler, your work is truly worthy of awards.’ Tiffany


‘I’ve just finished Apocalypse. I thought that was such an amazing ending. It’s kept me thinking about the book for days!’ Robyn


‘I finished reading Apocalypse and I thought it was amazing. It had mystery, horror, and romance and those are my favorite themes.’ Melissa


‘Apocalypse counts as one of these rare novels. I picked it up entirely at random, but god, it’s good. I used to have a passion for writing. Somehow, it faded. Apocalypse is the kind of book that (unusually) is so good that I want to stop reading it, and start writing myself.’ Dan


‘I’ve just finished reading Apocalypse. It was the best book I have EVER read. I really couldn’t put it down and was reading for hours on end! I couldn’t stop crying at some of the situations. The detailed description was so amazing! Even at the end I wanted to know what happened. Excellent book I’ll never forget.’ Charz