What readers say


‘I have had Bloodchild for 3 days now and I haven’t been able to put it down. It gripped me from page 1. The thing I love the most about Bloodchild is that it has the quality to capture your imagination and you can really imagine yourself to be in the story. The other thing is that the characters sound so real and you can visualise them. Have you ever read your books and just become lost in the story so much that it completely changes your mind about things? Because that’s what Bloodchild has done to me. I love the book.’ Ricky


‘I asked my mum to get me Bloodchild. Bloodchild was breath-taking and I can’t help punching my pillow whenever something exciting comes up.’ Sarah


‘Thank you so much for Bloodchild. It was the best book that I have ever read.’ Joe


‘I’ve just finished Bloodchild and I found it amazing!!’ Hamish


‘I got your book Bloodchild for Christmas and I’d read it by Boxing Day, so I read it again. It’s fantastic.’ Kate