tim-quote‘Dragon’s Rock is set in Devon. It’s a story about earth magic and prejudices and the way our inner natures impact on our outer environment. The story came to me while I was finishing Midget. At the time I used to live in a small village near to Dartmouth and most days I had to travel on my motorbike to the town of Totnes. On the way I’d pass a low stone wall along the top of a field, at the bottom of which was the crumbling ruin of a farmhouse (which is still there to this day). A mile further down the road, high up on a hill, was a solitary standing stone that broke into view as my motorbike crested the rise, then vanished a few seconds later when the hedge cut it from view. Before long, every time I rode to Totnes, I found myself stopping by the stone wall to gaze down at the ruined farmhouse, and then, a mile later, stopping again to gaze up at the standing stone – and on the way back from Totnes, I would do it all over again. Soon I was writing a novel about a ruined farmhouse and a standing stone called Dragon’s Rock.’

Tim Bowler