tim-quote‘Frozen Fire took me two years to write and many more to think about. I cannot trace all its sources. It draws from Vedanta, from Quantum Theory, from philosophers, mystics and poets I have read and loved, and of course from my own life. But most of all Frozen Fire is a story. It’s a story about Dusty and the mysteries she longs to solve. In the beginning she sees only one – the disappearance of her brother – but the mysteries grow, and, as they do so, the danger around her grows too. By the end she is confronting not just death but the extinction of all she has ever known. Yet in spite of this, I believe that the story is one of hope. Anyone who has looked at the stars and wondered where we come from will identify with Dusty’s yearning to understand. Her loss of self is not annihilation but a vision of universality. Her deepest mystery is ours too, and we can share her journey.’

Tim Bowler