What the critics say


‘An engrossing, tantalising psychological and supernatural thriller. Like all good books, it manages in the end to be both satisfying and richly ambiguous. Read it alone, at night. Wrap up well, and don’t forget to strap on your mental snow-shoes.’ Mal Peet, Guardian


‘From its highly-strung opening, the tension scarcely lets up….Bowler has written a taut psychological thriller that ends satisfyingly while leaving a lingering sense of mystery.’ Observer


‘A brilliant book. That mix of reality with the ethereal and mystical is tricky to carry off successfully but Tim Bowler’s extraordinary writing is a triumph. Unrelenting drama: brilliant, gripping . . . a terrific achievement.’ Chris Brown, School Librarian Association


‘Tim Bowler is master of the psychological thriller and teens won’t find a more atmospherically gripping opener than that of Frozen Fire…and the tension never lets up.’ Sunday Telegraph


‘Bowler pursues philosophical truths that go beyond logic. What absolutely drives this novel forward, though, is its gasp-inducing chapter ends, and its capacity to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.’ Sunday Times


‘Tim Bowler’s new novel for teenagers provides a haunting story that hooks from the moment his young heroine picks up the phone on page one….a compulsive and exciting tale, brilliantly paced and packed with twists and turns that keep the pages flickering by.’ Big Issue


‘At the core of Frozen Fire is a creature not so much of flesh but fire and ice, able to penetrate the minds and feelings of others with excruciating insight – an empathy not unlike the writer’s. Such a mystical figure might seem pretentious or simply unbelievable, but the novel is anchored by the headlong excitement of the plot and characters whose complexities are rooted in our fractured and brutal society.’ Books for Keeps


‘Non-stop tension and utterly compelling are the hallmarks of a Tim Bowler thriller; so much so, that you’ll be drawn into the characters and the story from the very start. He is pre-eminent in the field of psychological thrillers in the teenage market – no one does it better. If Frozen Fire is too traumatic, then leave it for a while and come back to it when you’re ready. It will have been worth the wait.’ Lovereading


‘A powerful psychological thriller…Tim Bowler’s finest work to date.’ School Librarian Journal


‘A chilling mystery. Eerie supernatural powers and the menace of a mob bent on vengeance are cleverly counterpointed in this spine-tingling page-turner.’ Guardian Teenage Picks


‘Ice-hot thrills, atmospheric and unforgettable, Frozen Fire will cast you in its icy spell and keep you gripped to the very last page….an amazing new book.’ Make Time for Books


‘Tim Bowler consistently produces some of the most readable and original fiction available to teenagers today; and Frozen Fire is no exception. This is an extremely atmospheric novel with beautifully written prose and a compelling plot.’ Askews Library Review


‘Frozen Fire is an edge-of-the-seat tribute to Tim Bowler’s ability to grip young minds.’ Times Educational Supplement


‘A thought-provoking read as well as a really good yarn.’ Carousel


‘Frozen Fire is an experience, not just a good read.’ Amazon Review


‘Bowler’s writing chills.’ Booklist


‘Frozen Fire will leave readers captivated.’ Horn Book