Tim Bowler Quote‘Midget is a psychic and psychological thriller set in Leigh-on-Sea where I was born. Having lived and sailed in that area throughout my early life and known the magical beauty of the Thames Estuary, I had always wanted to use the setting for a novel. For some reason the ending came into my mind first. I was walking by the estuary one day at low tide, looking out over the mudbanks, and a picture came to me fully formed of the final dramatic moment of the novel. I had no idea how the story was going to get to that point and it took me ten years of writing to work out the answer. The book is a study of power, abuse and sibling rivalry taken to an intense degree. It concerns a boy of fifteen who is three foot tall and tortured by his elder brother. His acquisition in mysterious circumstances of a sailing boat that he has long coveted sets off a chain of events that seem to release him from his pain but ultimately lead to a desperate conclusion.’

Tim Bowler