Sea of Whispers



They told her she was a dreamer, that the pictures she saw were an illusion, that sea glass could not tell a story; but this was a different kind of story . . .


SOW Seaglass


Hetty’s always been a loner, haunted by loss and at odds with the community on the remote island of Mora. But when a small boat crashes upon the rocks, she is the first to help with the search for survivors. There is only one: a frail old woman, barely alive. But disaster comes with her and it is clear to many that the woman is the bringer of evil prophesied by old Per.


But Hetty defends her. She has seen the woman’s face before when it darkened a piece of sea glass and now she sees new images that tell of the woman’s past and a burden too great to bear – and something of her own pain too, something she’s sensed in the whispers from the sea. Even now she can hear them, calling her. As the islanders grow hostile, Hetty knows what she must do.