What the critics say


‘Sea of Whispers is a strong, strong story….elegiac, beautifully written with Bronte-esque descriptions of the wild power of the sea.’ Jill Murphy, Bookbag


‘An evocative, mysterious new novel.’ Fiona Noble, The Bookseller


‘The writing in Sea of Whispers is simple, straightforward and often beautiful – landscapes, characters, events are all brought vividly to life. The pacing is brilliant too, scenes of intense activity or high emotion intercut with much slower-burning sequences. …Just as important is Bowler’s understanding of how tough it is to be stuck between childhood and being an adult. It’s almost worth being a teenager again to enjoy books like his.’ Tony Bradman, The Guardian


‘Highly atmospheric.’ Books for Keeps


‘Compelling, haunting and mysterious.’ Booktrust


‘Sensitive readers who appreciate the genuine gift – and art – of storytelling, impressive style of writing and a deep concept behind a wise and important story, will fall in love with this book.’ School Librarian


‘Tim Bowler’s writing is spare and beautiful, and Sea of Whispers sweeps the reader along to a satisfying and touching ending.’Katherine Langrish, Armadillo Magazine


‘A very touching story. Reading this book was like a breath of fresh air.’ The Guardian


‘I was caught up by this book and it still lingers in my mind. It’s accomplished writing for accomplished readers.’ Nigel Hinton, Carousel