What readers say


‘I just finished reading Shadows and I thought it was one of the best books I’ve ever read!! I just don’t like the ending ….. Makes me want to cry. (It’s still a great ending!)’ Tommy


‘In my English class we just read Shadows and I loved it!!! We all did actually. Even some boys in my class who never read anything thought it was amazing. Our teacher would only let us read like one or two chapters a week, because he thought it would be too difficult for us to read an English book and he wanted us to work through each chapter with so many assignments. But half of my class kept reading anyway (even though a lot of them are not good in English), because we couldn’t stop. We desperately wanted to know what will happen next. My teacher kept asking me if I already read the next chapter at home and of course I lied and said no, but I’m a terrible liar. And each time I had to promise him not to read any further yet. Once I could resist, but it was so hard. I tried to distract myself with all kinds of other stuff. And now I just finished the book and I’m a little sad it’s over.’ Anja


‘I nearly cried when I read Shadows. It was so moving and you felt so sympathetic for the characters.’ Daniel


‘I am over 40 so perhaps not in your target audience! However, I have just finished reading Shadows, borrowed from my son, which I finished late last night as I could not put it down. I thought it was simply brilliant and I am delighted that today’s teenagers have access to such wonderful thought-provoking material. I am quite sure that anybody reading this can not fail to be touched and moved by the issues raised. I think that parents would get great benefits from reading this book.’ Anthony


‘I finished reading Shadows at 00.30 last night and found it difficult to sleep all night! It is an immensely powerful read which has stayed with me over the hours. The final reconciliation between Jamie and his Dad made me cry. You have told a story which comes over with truth and reality and captures the enormity of the immplications of what happened. I didn’t foresee the revelation about Abby’s family until I read the actual sentence. Thanks for a great experience.’ Fin