tim-quote‘Starseeker is a story about many things, especially music, but the novel actually starts with a gang of boys trying to break into a house. That was my first image. I had to write several drafts of the novel before I worked out what I was trying to say. The story concerns a boy called Luke who is desperately mixed up after his father’s death. He’s a brilliant musician but in his distress he has fallen into bad company and is being steered into danger. To make matters worse, he’s becoming increasingly disturbed by strange psychic noises he keeps hearing day and night. Starseeker is a story that works on several levels and covers several themes. It’s about hope and healing and light, it’s about music and the song of creation, it’s about coming through grief and learning to love again. It’s about a boy growing into manhood, growing into genius, growing into spirit. It’s about a tiny girl who will change his life.’

Tim Bowler