tim-quote‘Storm Catchers had a strange beginning. I had just finished River Boy and sent it off to my agent. I opened a new file on my computer, took a deep breath, and started the book I’d been brooding about for several months, which went on to become Shadows. While I was writing Shadows, however, images of another, quite different story started flooding my mind. Before long I was finishing each day’s work on Shadows with some doodling on this strange other novel. It started with a girl who hears a tapping noise in the night while she’s looking after her little brother and although she’s frightened, she goes downstairs to investigate. I wrote Chapter 1 without having the slightest idea of where Chapter 2 was going to go but, somehow or other, the next time I looked up (or so it felt), I was a month older, the book was on Chapter 12, and the story was tumbling out of me at a rate of knots. It wasn’t to last, however, and I finally lost my way with it after about fifty thousand words. I then had a dilemma. Shadows was taking shape pretty well but there was this other novel about a girl who is kidnapped and her older brother’s attempts to find her, and the little psychic boy with his eerie visions, and the derelict lighthouse on the cliff, casting its menace over everything. It didn’t want to let go. I resisted it somehow, finished Shadows, and, as with River Boy, sent the novel off to my agent. I then went back to the other story, took a deep breath, and started to write. Storm Catchers is the result.’

Tim Bowler