What readers say


Storm Catchers was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t even put the thing down. I was like addicted to it. Thank you so much for writing it and I love the way you build up tension from as soon as the book starts! Thanks.’ Savanna


‘My class and I are busy reading Storm Catchers and each time the teacher wants to stop everyone wants to read more. That’s because the book is absolutely brilliant and pulls you into the story.’ Tayla


‘I have just finished reading your absolutely amazing book Storm Catchers. I was gripped by the first page and could not put it down. I admire how skilfully you write and the way your plot just falls into place.’ Anise


‘I’m a primary school teacher and in my job I have the pleasure of sharing many stories with my classes. A few years ago I had a ‘challenging’ class, the sort who would never sit still, always interrupt or have some sarcastic comment at the tip of their tongue. That was, until the day I read them the first few paragraphs of Storm Catchers. Within moments they were silent, spellbound and begging for more. I gave up an entire morning of planned work simply to feed the Y6’s excitement with this novel. Two children even cried at the climax of the story. Been meaning to thank you for a long time. You clearly write with an ear for how the work will sound when read aloud, and the images you create and the characters you bring to life are inspirational.’ Andy


‘I have read Storm Catchers and I thought that it was really good. I especially liked the first chapter because it was like watching a really scary film and hiding behind the sofa, but peeping over the top at the same time.’ Alicia


‘I love your books! My favourite is Storm Catchers! I love the way it grips you all the way through the book. I never wanted to put it down. I loved every moment of the whole book. It was fantastic!’ Jamey


‘I, a painter with a passion and strong memories of being ‘younger’, have read Storm Catchers and it lit something within. Yourself and David Almond have assumed great responsibility in the re-awakening of children’s lost imaginations. I wish you success and the strength to carry on. I amongst others will be watching.’ Glen


‘I liked how in your book Storm Catchers the ending wasn’t a quick-fix solution. Some books do that, and it is terrible when a good novel suddenly stops. You forget about those books. But I’m still thinking about your book, and I read it a week ago. It made me think what happened to Peter and Ella and the whole family, really. I look forward to reading your next work. Keep on writing.’ Roxanne