The Blade Series

Blade 1: Enemies                     Blade 2: Flight                    Blade 3: Firestorm                   Blade 4: Endgame

‘Nobody in children’s writing is producing anything like this.’ Bookbag


‘A modern classic.’ School Librarian


‘A remarkable and riveting series.’ Books for Keeps


‘From the Carnegie Medal-winning author of River Boy, Starseeker and Frozen Fire comes something completely different. Contemporary, pacy, and utterly gripping, Blade takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the secret, dangerous life of its unforgettable narrator. This thrilling new series for teenagers combines an enormously likable and engaging central character with the harsh realities of street life and the youth gang culture that is so prevalent in today’s news. The mysteries and cliffhanger endings of these short, accessible books will have the power to tempt all readers as they gradually become absorbed into Blade’s dangerous world.’ Oxford University Press