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Rachel Trew

Tuesday 19th November, 2013

I have trouble with my spellings. Can you help me? Also I get guite bored of writing but I love your read so I am going to get some of your books!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday 19th November, 2013

At our school we are reading Storm Catchers and it’s amazing.

Lil and Poll

Tuesday 19th November, 2013

Hey, we are reading your book Storm Catchers at school and it’s AWESOME 🙂

Lucy and Alexa

Tuesday 19th November, 2013

We really love your book Storm Catchers as we are reading it in school. Thank you!!!!!!!

Diana Leem

Thursday 10th October, 2013

Hi! I’m from Korea, and a few days ago you visited our school! Thank you so much for coming. It meant so much for us, and we really loved your talk. I always have loved, and always will love your books! Thank you!

Joe Wall

Friday 20th September, 2013

Hi Tim. At my secondary school, we are reading your Starseeker. It is a very gripping book and is virtually impossible to put down! You are an inspiration!!!!!!


Thursday 19th September, 2013

I’m currently reading your book Storm Catchers and I’m really enjoying it so far.


Sunday 15th September, 2013

Hi. Three years ago you visited my middle school and I got a signed copy of Frozen Fire. At the time, being only 12, I couldn’t really appreciate the book and never got past the first few chapters. But now, aged 15, I’ve just finished it. It is amazing! Your writing style reads so well and I loved it! I think I’ve found my new favourite author! In year 8 we were reading Starseeker for a project and that was a great book! And I’ve also read River Boy which is so brilliant and a really nice story. Now I want to read as much of your work as I can find! Thanks for writing such amazing stories!


Thursday 1st August, 2013

Hello 🙂 Just finished the Blade series. Absolutely loved every single one! Read them all in about a week. Cried at the end. Really moving!!!

Do-yeon lee

Wednesday 31st July, 2013

Hello:) I’m a big fan of you. I live in Korea. You wrote a book I’ve read almost everything. It’s a really fantastic book. I do admire you. In Korea you have a lot of fans. I want to get your signature!!


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