Frozen Fire – Reviewed by Guy Gone Geek

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Tuesday, 5th October, 2010


The quality of novels like this depends on how the mystery was built up until the big reveal. Frozen Fire, I must say, kept that factor really strong. Events prior to the big reveal will keep you guessing. The big reveal itself posed more questions than answers. Readers will turn the last page finding no explanations about the boy. It was a brave move for Bowler to end it like that. A lot of readers will tend to hate the novel because of what he did. For me, however, it was a brilliant ending. It lets your imagination fill in the blanks, giving you the freedom to create your own version of the story.


Frozen Fire is the perfect book for under-the-blanket flashlight reading or bonfire reading. It wasn’t that scary but the uncertainties and the chain of tension-filled events will creep yourself enough. This is my first venture to Tim Bowler’s novels and it certainly won’t be the last…..


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