Tim visits Clayesmore School

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Wednesday, 26th November, 2014

Tim visited Clayesmore School  in Dorset on 7 November as part of the Clayesmore LitFest. He spoke to Year 9 pupils who were gripped by his tales of growing up and developing as a writer, but clearly most enthralled when he read extracts from his own books, including his new novel, Night Runner. Later on, Tim presented a workshop, giving the pupils a deliberately dull story and then asking them to point out why it was so tiresome. After identifying the boring bits, the pupils got to work on improving the story to make it more compelling.
Harriet Perrett, Joint Head of English, ran a feedback activity during a lesson with her Year 9 pupils, to collate their views of the talk and workshop. Some of the comments are below:
‘He talked about his books, his inspiration, and his way of interpreting things differently from other people. In fact, everyone sees the world differently from each other. But he also allowed lots of time for questions, the most interesting of which were about writing in general, and not just about Tim Bowler. He then answered our questions clearly and helpfully. The workshop too, had plenty of time for questions and advice. However, this was much more about us and developing our skills than about Tim, and he seemed to realise and respect that. Overall, I think that the whole visit was amazing, and that we should thank Tim for coming.’ Arthur

‘I personally thought Tim’s visit was very interesting. I think this because he always had something funny to say. For example the joke about the helicopter trip to Tesco. I also found it interesting how every story he read, he left us on a cliff hanger wanting more. If he were to visit again I think I would be amazed just like I was the first time. Lastly, I thought he was a very interesting man and not just because of what he said, but also the way he presented himself to us.’ Harry

‘Seeing Tim read his books to us aloud does in some way make me want to read his books and see what he is all about. One of his other books called Night Runner he read out loud to us which got me into it, having someone else who understood what the book was about made the voices of the characters and the surroundings of the area became more clear in my mind. The main thing that I liked about his talk to us was the way he understood us as soon as he walked in and he knew how to keep our attention.’ Will

‘Personally I enjoyed Tim Bowler’s visit because he was relaxed and never ran out of things to say. Also he included the audience which kept the audience awake and listening to what he might have to say next. I found the contrast of the story reading, questions and sharing of his experience fun and entertaining. Also the timing of his coming was perfect because having read one of his books it helped to give us some questions to ask him. Overall I think Tim’s visit was good and entertaining.’ Georgia
Tim said, ‘I had a lovely day at the school. I so enjoyed working with the students. They were lively, enthusiastic, well behaved, and there are some real characters among them. What particularly impressed me was the way they engaged in all the sessions.’