Tim interviewed by Teen Librarian

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Tuesday, 22nd May, 2012

Teen Librarian: What influenced your decision to write for Teenagers?


Tim: I don’t write for teenagers but about teenagers, and my first novel set the trend for this. I just found myself writing a story about a boy of fifteen; or to be more accurate, I found myself writing a story about a young man in his early twenties and then changed that character half-way through the first draft to a fifteen-year-old boy. I’m not quite sure why I did this. I think it just felt a more accurate portrayal of the kind of person I was trying to get to grips with. Ten drafts later this story became the novel called Midget and by then I’d grown so fascinated with the teenage mind that when I started my second novel, Dragon’s Rock, I put two main protagonists in the story and made them both fourteen. It went on from there for the next eighteen books. I just find the teenage mind an extraordinarily challenging and absorbing thing to write about.


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