Tim visits Lord Wandsworth College

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Monday, 17th November, 2014


Tim visited Lord Wandsworth College on 6 November. Pupils had read Storm Catchers and were able to discuss it with him and receive a copy of his new book Night Runner.
One of the English teachers at the College said of Tim’s visit, ‘Lots of very positive feedback about the visit. Pupils really liked your manner, how lively you were, how honest you were and how genuinely enthused you were about what you do and what they could do, how interested you were in them. They liked your use of their names and we were all hugely impressed by the way you could reference back to a person and question from 10 minutes before when that was the first time you had met them.’
Library Manager Sue Brown spoke to many of the pupils after the event and recorded some of their comments about Tim’s visit.
‘I found Tim very inspiring. I too like to write without planning everything out. Tim helped me feel that anyone can be a writer just so long as they persevere.’

‘I enjoyed Tim’s talk immensely. I found Storm Catchers a bit creepy but the story was so good I just had to keep on reading. I couldn’t put it down.’

‘I read Storm Catchers and Night Runner. I read both books from cover to cover without putting them down.’

‘Tim was great when he came to our school to talk about his books and his writing. He remembered our names too! He read to us from his Night Runner book. I was so enthralled with it and desperate to know what happens next. I have my own copy which Tim has signed. I am going to finish it today.’

‘Tim is a really good writer as he makes his stories real and compelling and you can never guess what is going to happen next. I enjoyed Storm Catchers and Night Runner. I will definitely read more of his books and I hope he comes to our school again.’
Tim said, ‘I thought the students were fantastic – so responsive and articulate. Frankly, they’re the ones who were inspirational.’