Tim visits Norwich School

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Sunday, 4th October, 2015

Tim visited Norwich School on Thursday 1st October where he talked to all of Year 7 about his writing and then set up a writing task for groups of students. The writing task was supported by tutors from the University of East Anglia and Norwich School English Department with Tim offering advice and encouragement. There was also an opportunity for tutors to discuss each group’s work with Tim and select the best pieces for reading out in a plenary session. During the plenary session tutors read out selections of writing from their groups and Tim addressed all of Year 7 again providing pointers for further writing development.


Mrs Cheryl Wood, Head Librarian, said of Tim’s visit, ‘I am delighted that you were able to spend a day with our 100 Year 7 pupils. They have had a wonderful day and I have been stopped by many pupils after school to say how much they enjoyed your two talks and of course the creative writing workshop itself. Those who had their work read out will never forget today!  Many referred to your reading from Storm Catchers and I know from previous experience what a hook that passage is into reading. Good choice! It is visits like this that spark an interest in writing and that keep pupils reading.  You made the writing process seem like something anyone could have a go at and judging by the feedback from the writing tutors it seemed as if everyone gave it their best shot. I cannot thank you enough for this. We would certainly like to have you back for another workshop! Thank you again from both the Library and English departments.’