Tim visits St Albans School

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Saturday, 19th December, 2015

Tim visited St Albans School in Hertfordshire on 12 November to talk to first and second-formers about his books and writing. Two students wrote about his visit.


Second-former James said, ‘He started with a few funny stories including of himself spraying the Head Teacher of a primary school and reception pupils with water. Some of his best books include the famous Blade series along with Night Runner, Sea of Whispers and Game Changer. He talked about his unique style of writing to us. Unlike many authors he does not create huge spreadsheets and lists categorizing each paragraph but just writes and sees where the book takes him. Usually he doesn’t even know how a book ends when he starts it.’


First-former Arthur said, ‘Every seat was occupied by excited first-formers, clutching Mr Bowler’s books, eager for him to begin his talk. He started with a hilarious story about visiting a tiny island to give the same talk that he was about to give us, and it didn’t end well………… He then asked us what our favourite books were. There were cries of ‘The Hunger Games’ ‘Alex Rider’ and ‘Percy Jackson’! Next he explained about his early life and how he was inspired to be a writer when he had his first ever book read to him when he was five. The same age he was when he wrote his first book! After that he wrote every day as he grew older and finally got his first book published about 20 years ago. I am sure there was not one person in that room that Tim Bowler didn’t inspire to write or even read. We really enjoyed meeting him and are very grateful to him for giving up the time to come and see us.’


Following Tim’s visit the Assistant Librarian said, ‘Your visit has been one of our best to date. Our students are still borrowing your books both for compulsory reading lessons and for pleasure.’