Tutoring & Editing

Tim offers a one-to-one online tutorial service for writers seeking to improve their work. This service covers fiction and non-fiction and is available to both adults and young writers. For writers of school age the approach to Tim must be made by a parent or guardian. He also offers editorial assistance.

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Tim on his Writing Tutorials

I offer my services worldwide to writers of all backgrounds, all levels, and all ages from school children to senior citizens and my aim, quite simply, is to help them become better writers. Every writer’s vision is unique and what I seek to do in my tutorials is help each student develop his or her writing voice into the powerful and precious thing it deserves to be.

Whether it’s a school pupil working on a story or class assignment, a student wrestling with a dissertation, a business executive honing a company brochure, a foreign national seeking to improve English writing skills, or a novelist fighting to breathe life into a fictional world, the principles of good writing remain the same. All writers must master the core skills of creative invention and critical acuity, together with the foundational elements of spelling, punctuation, paragraphing, grammar and style.

I can help with all of these. I work on a one-to-one basis and I operate via Zoom. I am happy to adapt to different requirements. Some students just want one or two lessons to address a writing issue they would like help with, others are looking for multiple lessons but only as and when they need them, and still others are looking to commit to a block of lessons at e.g. daily, weekly or fortnightly intervals. All of the above are welcome.

I should add at this point that I am not a supporter of Artificial Intelligence apps for writing or editing. AI has its uses in many areas of life but in the world of writing I believe it is a serious impediment to an individual’s potential growth as a writer. I also believe it goes against everything that is sacred about human creativity. If you are someone who is ethically comfortable using AI for writing and editing, and who finds it helpful, I sincerely wish you well but please apply elsewhere. I am not the tutor for you. If, however, you are someone whose every sentence is the product of your own thought and inspiration, and who is willing to work hard to craft your writing voice from the living words that dance around you, then I will be delighted to help you.

Each lesson is a one-hour Zoom consultation. The content of each lesson will vary, depending on the needs of the student, but generally speaking the main focus of the lesson is a close analysis of a piece of the student’s work which he or she will have emailed me no later than two days before the lesson. The extract can be from an existing work in progress, e.g. a school exercise, story, article, dissertation, memoir, sales pitch, novel, or it can be from a task that I have set the student beforehand by agreement. Sometimes I will set the student a short writing task or tasks to do during the lesson itself, if that is appropriate to what we are trying to achieve.

At no point do I write any of the student’s work myself. The student is the author and final arbiter of everything that is written. My role is to advise and encourage and, in addition to our analysis of the written work, I use each lesson to mentor the student, suggest ways to overcome areas of weakness, and address any queries or concerns the student may have.

My approach is friendly and supportive at all times. As with most creative endeavours, writing is an activity where it’s easy to experience self-doubt. The empty page or screen can be intimidating. So can page after page of writing that just isn’t working. I will point out errors where I see them but my focus is always on the strengths and potentialities which every writer possesses and can build on. I want my students to believe in their ability and strive with confidence to achieve their writing ambitions.

I tutor Mondays to Fridays from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.30. My last tutorial of the day starts at 16.30. Please note that I am based in England so these times are in the British/UK time zone. If you are in another time zone, you will need to make an adjustment. I do not tutor in the evenings or at weekends.

For further information, please email me at info@timbowler.co.uk.

Many of my tutorial students also use my editorial services. If these are of interest, please click here .

All good wishes.


Tim on his Editorial Services

I offer the following editorial help to writers:

Copy and line editing
The copy and line editing service is a close analysis of the text in question. Just to clarify: a copy edit is a thorough check of grammar, punctuation, spelling, accuracy, textual details etc. whereas a line edit focuses on style and use of language. I offer both of the above as one service. I use Markup so that my suggestions are easy for the author to read. I stress the word ‘suggestions’. I do not write anyone else’s work for them. I will correct errors, recommend changes, and add comments which I hope the author will find helpful, but I do not attempt to take over the writing. For the copy and line editing service I charge by the hour.

General manuscript critiques
The general manuscript critique is exactly what it says. I do not focus in detail on e.g. grammar or punctuation errors as in a copy edit or make suggestions on sentence style and choice of words as in a line edit. I provide a written report with my thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript as a whole, focusing on such things as characterisation, plot, pace, clarity, dialogue, settings, theme, credibility, reasoning (if non-fiction) and how well (or poorly) I feel the written language is used, plus any other things I feel might be helpful to the author. For general manuscript critiques I charge according to the word count of the document.

Zoom consultations
For both the above services, I offer Zoom consultations throughout the editing process if the author wishes to discuss anything with me face-to-face. My charge for this is based on the time taken for each Zoom.

For further information, please email me at info@timbowler.co.uk.

All good wishes.



Interview with Tim on Tutoring


When did you develop an interest in your chosen field and in private tutoring?

I started writing when I was five and I was bitten by the bug from the first sentence. I wrote stories, poems, plays, comics, all kinds of stuff. I wrote all through my childhood, teen and university days and on into adulthood, and it has been a willing addiction ever since. But I also realized by the end of my school years that I was attracted to teaching as well. I had received private tuition in Maths, German and Latin and I think, looking back, that there was something in the kindness, patience and integrity of those three tutors that made me feel I wanted to do something similar when I was older.

Tell us more about the subject you teach, the topics you like to discuss with students (and possibly those you like a little less).

Writing is an active discipline. You have to practise it. It’s helpful to read about writing and study writing techniques and find out what other writers say about it, but ultimately you learn about writing by doing it. It’s something you only improve in by practising it again and again and noting what works and what doesn’t. A writing tutor can help greatly here as a guide along the way, and it’s my privilege to be such a tutor, but ultimately the work is done by the student learning and growing by putting down words and trying to make them sing. Writing is not a science or a body of knowledge with tables, declensions, and things to memorise. Yes, there are rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation, and these are very important, but the writing itself, both the process and the product, is mysterious. It’s also, in my opinion, magical. When we find the right words, we give physical form to our thoughts and feelings. We give them life, make them visible, and when we write well, we express who and what we are, and I think that’s wonderful.

Did you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?

Two stand out in my mind. The first was a professor from my university days. He was a literature tutor, a lovely generous-hearted man, highly respected in his field, and I loved having one-to-one tutorials with him. He would go over my essays in detail and point out the importance of honing language, making every word count. I’ll never forget how encouraging he was. The second person who stands out was a writer I met back in the 1980s when I was a young unpublished author struggling to finish my first novel. He was in his sixties and he had had a great deal of success writing radio plays but what interested me most about him was that he offered one-to-one tuition to keen writers like myself. This was long before the days of Internet and webcams and his arrangement was that students would post a chapter of their work to him, he would study it, then speak his thoughts aloud into an old-fashioned audio cassette, and post it back to the student in a jiffy bag. I used to love receiving that jiffy bag! He was a good mentor at a time when I needed one and although I only worked with him for a year or so, he was a huge help and I’ll always be grateful to him. Not only that but I remember thinking at the time that if I ever got anywhere in writing myself, I’d like to offer a similar tutoring service to aspiring writers later in my life, if I felt I could be of any help.

What do you think are the qualities required to be a good tutor?

Empathy, patience, humility, a love of the subject and of helping others to achieve their goals. Tutoring in writing is less about giving instruction or imparting information and more about advising, encouraging and helping the student to develop abilities that he or she already possesses. ‘Educate’ literally means to ‘bring out’ and my task is to do just that: bring out what already exists in the student but needs improving. Another word that is often used for what I do is ‘mentoring’ and in some ways that is a more accurate description of my role. I am a writing mentor as well as a writing tutor. At the same time, I never forget that I am also a student of writing myself with much to learn, and this will always be the case. No one ever completes the process of learning to write better. It is a lifelong journey and just as I hope my students are helped and inspired by me, I can say, hand on heart, that I in turn am helped and inspired by them. Every person I work with has a unique writing voice with the potential to express beautiful things and helping that person develop that voice is a major reason why I love what I do.

Provide a valuable anecdote related to your subject or your days at school.

I remember many years ago struggling to get my head round a novel I was trying to write. I had a deadline with the publisher and I didn’t think I was going to meet it. I’d written several drafts of the novel and hated all of them. I took some time away from the book and tried to work out what I wanted to say. I just didn’t know. My head was crammed with ideas I’d thought were clever and interesting, if I could just fit them all together, but I was floundering and wary of going back to my writing desk. Then one day, while browsing in a book of verse, I happened to see some words by the sixteenth-century poet Sir Philip Sidney: ‘Look in thy heart and write’; and something in me clicked into place. I realised that I had been trying to write a story that my mind was impressed by but my ‘heart’ didn’t like. I had given the intellect supreme power over the project when all the time I knew instinctively what I really wanted to write, and it wasn’t the story I had been labouring over. I found this a huge lesson in trusting my instincts, in having faith in the intuitional powers we all possess and would do well to be guided by, certainly in a creative activity like writing, and it helped me go back to work and eventually finish my novel.

What were the difficulties or challenges you faced or still face in your subject?

Self-doubt is common among many writers I know, including some very successful ones, and I have felt it myself on a number of occasions. The writing life is not always a smooth one. Sometimes the writing goes well and those days are great. The words are flowing, they read well, and you feel good. But on other days the words seem to fight you, or the ideas do, or both, and if this continues over a period of time, you can start to doubt yourself. I’ve learned two things from this. Firstly, that if you let self-doubt beat you and stop writing, then your work dies on the spot, and I think that’s a shame; but secondly, I’ve learned that self-doubt can actually help you if you let it. It can prod you, sting your pride, force you to fight back. It can bring out reserves of strength and determination and even, yes, better writing than you could have dreamed of. But you have to push yourself through it. However bad you feel, you have to make yourself write another page. If that’s no good, write another. Still no good? Write another. Keep writing another page. Sooner or later, your writing will get back on track, so long as you refuse to give up.

Do you have a particular passion? Is it teaching in general or an element of the subject or something completely different?

Many years ago I was asked in a job interview for a teaching post whether I taught because I love my subject or because I love working with students. My answer was, and still is, both, and in my view they have to be equal if you’re going to be an effective tutor. You must have a passion for your subject, in my case writing, and an equal passion for working with the students who come to you for help. I have always had that equal passion and I have no preference either when it comes to the students I work with. I get the same buzz whether I’m tutoring a school pupil or a university student working towards an exam, or a business executive honing a sales pitch, or a foreign national wanting to improve English writing skills, or an author writing a novel. Tutoring for me is about combining a passion for teaching with a passion for writing and I feel very lucky to be able to do that.

Feedback from students

‘Tim is THE BEST tutor I’ve ever had in my whole entire life! He is the most understanding, kind, dedicated, and encouraging mentor I’ve had a chance to work with, as he tailors his approach to meet the individual needs of his students. His guidance was invaluable in helping me to complete a story for my graduate school application, and his line-edits pushed my writing in a more impactful direction. Although English is not my native language, Tim was patiently working with me despite the fact that my prose was full of mistakes. I wholeheartedly recommend Tim as he embodies the qualities of an outstanding teacher and mentor. It was a great honor for me to work with such a professional and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to benefit from his expertise and support as a young writer! Thank you so much, Tim!’

‘I turned to Tim because I’m writing the first draft of my first novel. As if this isn’t difficult enough, I’m also writing it in English, which is not my native language.
I’ve had the privilege of being tutored by Tim for three months now, and I look forward to each session like a child to Christmas. He is an exceptional tutor as well as a kind and thoughtful person. Although he is a renowned author with an enormous amount of expertise, he never makes me feel overwhelmed or belittled.
One of the things I love about our sessions is how there is a perfect balance between support and constructive feedback. More than any teacher I’ve known, he understands the importance of building the confidence I need to come to my desk and write. Whenever we discuss my work, he manages to both highlight its strengths and show me what I need to work on. This way, I’m learning to improve my work without throwing out the baby with the bath water. I’m already much better at cleaning up after myself, so to speak.
For me, Tim’s belief in my abilities has been transformative. I have more confidence in the process, and I’ve let go of the need to achieve perfection right away. This way I have produced more original writing during the past three months than in the entire past year.
Tim provides unwavering support. Several times now, he has very kindly answered a question of mine in between lessons. This not only prevents me from getting stuck, but combined with his wonderful lessons it also alleviates the lonely and daunting process of writing and transforms it into one of joy and excitement.
I cannot recommend Tim highly enough. His passion for writing, extensive knowledge and genuine care for his students make him an invaluable mentor. If you’re seeking someone who will inspire you and guide you towards your writing goals while nurturing your self-esteem, then look no further.’

‘Tim is an excellent tutor. His feedback is precise and straight to the point. His turnaround is very quick. I appreciated his way of tutoring, proposing and discussing changes rather than imposing them. He makes sure your writing always expresses your voice. Top-notch and absolutely recommended. Thank you, Tim.’

‘Tim is an excellent and passionate English Tutor. I’m just starting to write stories for children. I’ve had my first free trial with Tim and gained many valuable tips. He gives great suggestions that polish my writing style. I appreciate that I learnt more than expected in 1 hour! I would recommend Tim to anyone who is seeking to develop their writing skills.’

‘Tim is a fantastic teacher with unlimited patience, kindness, and experience. I’ve learned a great deal in just one session, and now I’m a weekly regular student. In just a short amount of time I’ve seen my prose get clearer and tighter, thanks to his tips and feedback. If that was reason alone, I’d highly recommend him. But Tim is more than a great teacher, he’s essentially a great coach & mentor wrapped into one. He is open and shares about his own struggles from past experiences when helpful. He cheers me on when I feel stuck in a rut or feel overwhelmed by my project. He adapts to what I need, when I need a different approach – unlike any teacher I’ve had in the past. If you’re looking for someone to help reach the finish line of your project or simply to exchange with a published author with a wealth of experience to share, Tim is the one.’

‘Tim’s expertise has been invaluable in my first attempt at authorship. I look forward to another round of feedback in the future.’

‘Perfect! Tim is exceeding my expectations. He adapts the lesson to my needs and in a very kind way he corrects me along the way. I’m having lessons almost every day and I couldn’t be happier.’

‘Patient, pleasant, encouraging – just what the doctor ordered for my son to develop his confidence in English skills! Thank you, Tim.’

‘Tim’s passion for helping others achieve their goals shines through in his lessons. He’s warm, knowledgeable and student-focused. I’ll be booking more sessions with Tim, that’s for sure!’

‘Tim gave me very useful feedback on my novel opening. He has great attention to detail and is such an experienced author that he can see possibilities and make suggestions – but he was very clear that it’s my work. It’s great to be able to talk things through and explore ideas. It’s different from receiving written feedback in that way – more of a dialogue. It was fascinating to get his take on my characters, and understand what he’d seen in my story. An hour with a Carnegie winner is worth so much! Thank you, Tim.’

‘Tim was delightful to work with. We went line-by-line through my writing sample from my middle grade novel. He pointed out things that I might want to consider changing and also things that he thought worked well. It was a very balanced and detailed critique. I really appreciated Tim’s insights and perspective on both the technical aspects of my writing but also on the story, characters, and ideas I have for it. He was always positive and supportive while still giving me a very considered and useful critique of my work. I’ll definitely be doing another session with him in the near future, and I’d recommend him highly as a tutor.’

‘My son is really enjoying Tim’s lessons . He is very knowledgeable and experienced. My son is preparing for eleven plus exams with him and he is already making progress . I highly recommend Tim to anyone who is looking for an English tutor.’

‘Tim is an icon, he is a legend, and he is the moment.’

‘Tim was thorough in his feedback. he encouraged me to schedule my writing in a way that suits my work and home life. He was able to see the strengths in my work and has really helped me to build on them. He also pointed out areas of my work that could be tweaked. I really like Tim’s approach and look forward to working with him.’

‘I was unsure what to expect of an on-line tutorial and felt more than a little daunted by Tim’s knowledge, experience and award-winning oeuvre. However, Tim immediately put me at ease and was positive and insightful as we discussed the writing samples I had sent to him. I felt that he really did care about helping me to become a better writer and had grasped not only my motivation but also my anxieties and concerns. I am delighted to be able to book a block of mentoring sessions with Tim as I begin work on a creative writing project. It’s so exciting to have this opportunity, not to mention the boost to my confidence after only a single session. Thank you, Tim, for listening and hearing.’

‘Very clear. Had read all my work carefully and had a mix of very helpful comments ranging from detailed advice to broad overview.’

‘I have known Tim for many years through various public and school library connections and he has always been caring, kind, attentive and full of sage advice for budding writers in his audience. A man who will spend time and effort on behalf of his students.’

‘Tim has been a hugely inspirational writing mentor to me, and also someone I trust when it comes to advice on the technicalities of writing – from the nuts and bolts of grammar to the larger considerations of novel construction. He is perceptive, positive, gentle and encouraging. Tim has had a long and glittering career in the world of YA fiction, and won the Carnegie medal. Anyone working with Tim will be privileged to have access to that treasure trove of personal experience.’

‘Tim is an immensely empathetic, kind and supportive tutor and mentor. I am a writer who has tutored and taught for many years myself, and I sought out Tim’s advice about developing my writing career in 2021. He was thoughtful, kind, direct and encouraging – his style of mentoring and support is open, honest and attentive. I know that as a writer of Young Adult and children’s fiction, he has incredible skill in connecting with young people – but also with everyone! As well as being an immensely experienced and highly successful writer, Tim is also a wonderful person – he embodies the qualities of kindness and compassion that you would most want to seek out in a trusted mentor and tutor. If you have any hesitation about receiving tutoring from him, my recommendation is to dive right in.’

‘I am a children’s author, and Tim approached the writing group I belong to, offering help and tuition via Zoom. At the time I was feeling my way into a new genre, YA. As Tim is an experienced writer who writes YA books, I felt he might be able to give me some guidance on a few key areas, such as what sort of stories agents and publishers are looking for, acceptability of swear words etc. The session lasted 20 minutes and covered all my queries and more. He was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and I felt it was money well spent.’

‘Tim is a prize winning author for young adults with extensive experience of facilitating exceptional creative writing sessions in schools and in the community. In 2011, I helped coordinate a Creative Partnership project in the library at Southend Boys Grammar School. As he was already one of the top three most requested authors in the library, we asked Tim if he would be able to become a Writer in Residence as part of the project. Tim agreed and was generous enough to spend a whole week working with Year 7 and Year 8, as well as fitting in sessions with aspiring writers in Year 11 and 12. Through the conversations I had with teachers and young people as part of the project evaluation, it is clear that his visit was hugely successful and inspiring for both staff and pupils. Tim’s writing workshops and surgeries were extremely popular and highly valued. Despite working enormously hard throughout his residency, Tim was indefatigably diligent and kind to the end. As a writing tutor, you can do no better than Tim! Justin Coe (Writer and former Creative Agent for Creative Partnerships).’

‘The publication of a new novel by Tim Bowler was always a real event in the world of children’s books. Skilled in every aspect of the craft, he offered something entirely fresh to his readers with each new book. Tim’s events in schools and at literary festivals were always rich with guidance and encouragement, and the joy he found in writing, so he makes the ideal person to share his huge experience and talent as an award-winning writer for young people.’

‘Tim really fired the imaginations of our pupils when he visited our school to give a talk and run writing workshops. He was inspiring and very entertaining, pitching it absolutely perfectly for them and they loved it. He also shared some very useful tips with me, which encouraged me to keep writing. Highly recommended for sure!’

‘I have known Tim for many years as a friend and as a writer, and I admire him greatly. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Tim in workshops and he is inspirational. Tim is so knowledgeable and shares that knowledge in a thoughtful and considered way. He is an engaging tutor that can’t help but catch the imagination of anyone in the room. He works effectively with groups and on a one-to-one basis. Taking the time to explore creativity and inspiration through his own books at times, which are brilliant, it has to be said. I highly recommend Tim. He is a superb tutor.’

‘Tim’s wonderful books and literary awards speak for themselves, and I’ve had the good fortune to watch his author events where he delights and inspires readers of all ages. In addition, he’s a friendly and knowledgeable fellow with decades of experience!’

‘I’ve known Tim for many years now – since the early ’90’s, when he, myself and David Almond won the Carnegie within a few years of one another. We’ve been friends ever since. It’s difficult to find a bad word about Tim. He’s the nicest of men, and at the same time totally honest; he’s a hard and dedicated worker, without giving up an ounce of fun in his own life; he has all the empathy and human understanding you’d expect in a novelist without compromising his own points of view. I can vouch, from our many conversations on the subject, for his insight and understanding into the art and craft of writing. Oh – and finally, he is in his own right a very fine writer indeed. I can recommend him highly to anyone as a first rate tutor.’

‘I’ve known Tim for many years as a brilliantly successful writer with a passion for his craft and art. I have taught creative writing with him and know he brings his huge enthusiasm, generosity and knowledge to his teaching and has a real ability to bring out the very best in his students.’

‘I have known Tim for many years – he is one of the great children’s authors in the UK, a fantastic presenter of his work and a knowledgeable, wise and experienced tutor. I thoroughly recommend his work.’

‘I have known Tim for many years in a professional capacity as a writer and teacher of creative writing. I recommend Tim highly as a tutor of writing for people of all ages. He has written many beautiful books for young people, and has been awarded many prizes including the prestigious Carnegie medal. Tim has inspired many young people and adults though his talks and workshops. He is wise, knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive and friendly. An excellent tutor.’

‘I’ve known Tim Bowler for many years, ever since he won The Carnegie Medal, the most important prize for children’s authors in the UK. He is an outstanding writer with an international reputation. He is also a brilliant and highly respected tutor. I’ve seen him work with adults and children of all ages. He is inspirational, intelligent, funny, energetic, and
deeply serious. He is a man of true integrity. He is a born teacher. He really does believe in the importance of passing on his knowledge and skills.’

‘Tim is a very experienced writer, with an amazing back catalogue of books. He’s a very kind and considerate teacher and I can’t recommend him enough.’

‘I have witnessed Tim engage with young people for nearly twenty years, and have been struck by how well he gets on with them, both in school surroundings and at literary events. Using humour, he is clearly very knowledgeable about writing, caring about the quality of the written word. Friendly, but firm, and very inspirational.’

‘I have known Tim for many years and he is the nicest, most patient person I know. He has a wonderful way of explaining things in clear terms without once talking down to one, and is unflappable even in the face of constant questions. I have seen him hold groups of recalcitrant teenagers spellbound, with his interesting and never condescending delivery. I could think of no person better equipped to impart knowledge and assist learners whilst encouraging them to reach their own full potential.’

‘Tim is a caring, thorough, very talented teacher and writer. I was involved with the International School of Lausanne’s visiting writer programme which brought Tim to Switzerland to spend a week with our students, from primary school through high school, as well as some parents. Across the board, he was received as a wonderful member of our community, encouraging children and adults alike to engage with literature in exciting new ways. I have the highest respect for him as a writer and teacher.’

‘I am Tim’s Norwegian publisher and have worked with Tim for many years. Tim is a well-known author for young readers and an inspiring communicator about writing. I highly recommend him as a tutor.’
Eva C

‘I have worked with Tim on several occasions and can thoroughly recommend him as a tutor for young people and adults. As well as being highly accomplished and experienced, he is generous with his support and encouragement. Students working with Tim can expect insightful, practical and friendly advice from an established writer whose work is much admired by others in his profession and by countless readers.’

‘I had the pleasure of working with Tim during the stage adaptation of his incredible novel, Starseeker. During this time we worked with hundreds of young people from dozens of schools, in and around the east midlands. To put it concisely, Tim‘s ability to engage and excite young people with respect to the power of their imaginations is phenomenal. I was directly involved in several of Tim’s workshops and witnessed first-hand just how brilliant he is at connecting to and with individuals across generations, but in particularly with children and young people. An inspiration to work with.’

‘I’ve known Tim as a friend and colleague for many years. We are both published authors in the same field. Tim is also a generous and inspiring teacher, sharing his knowledge with warmth and humour. I have no hesitation in recommending him highly as an English language or creative writing tutor.’

‘I first met Tim when I was mid-career change and moving into secondary school librarianship. My future boss gave me a set of books to read. Tim’s Starseeker was one of them and it has stayed with me ever since. The passion and pace in his writing gripped me and continues to grip students. I know that Tim’s passion for and wealth of creative writing and publishing experience needs to be shared with others to help them reach their creative writing potential.’

‘Tim is one of the most inspirational tutors/mentors you could hope to work with and you’ll be lucky if he can slot you in. A brilliant, award-winning children’s author and an instinctive communicator, I’ve seen Tim hold a whole hall spellbound and one-to-one he is very insightful, encouraging and motivating, while not afraid to offer a little tough love where it’s needed. As a fellow author I’ve seen Tim in action, loved his work, and benefited from the still small voice of calm he has readily at his command.’

‘I have known Tim for more than twenty years and, as a librarian and manager of reading projects, I have worked with him many times and seen him talking about writing, and also running workshops with young people, and with teachers and librarians. His sessions are always absorbing, practical and inspiring. He is a fine teacher, and a fine writer, a winner of the Carnegie Medal – and always a joy to work with.’

‘Tim is an incredible author. He has won at least one Carnegie award (and probably many more top notch awards knowing Tim). But do not be intimidated! Tim is kind, discerning and works with people in a way that is very positive and incredibly helpful. During tutorials with Tim you can expect him to be reliable, well prepared and to have read your work thoroughly. You will receive clear, yet succinct, explanations of why something may need honing and a suggested change which you can choose to adopt or not. His knowledge of grammar is staggering and beyond usual excellence. He is precise and thorough yet leaves his students feeling encouraged and inspired. I am delighted to be able to whole heartedly recommend Tim. If you’re serious about taking your written work to the highest standard then Tim is definitely the tutor for you.’